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Star Picture

This northerly view 14/4/14 shows No.138 drifting down towards Beddgelert Forest Campsite at 1116. Most of the services leading up to the Easter Bank Holiday weekend were hauled by Nos. 87/143 so this was a relatively rare outing for the red Garratt. The train was due to depart Beddgelert at 1125. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Barrie Hughes and was taken on a Kodak DX6490 digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Welcome to Version 4 of this website, launched on September 8 2004 with news about work on Phase 4 of the WHR scheme. In addition to this Stop Press page and a Phase 1/2 page, there are 9 location pages, covering the Phase 3 works between Waunfawr and Rhyd Ddu. There are a further 9 pages covering Phase 4, the full route through Beddgelert, the Aberglaslyn Pass and on to Porthmadog, including the Traeth Mawr to Pen-y-Mount works recently constructed by the WHHR) with three regularly updated map links for this area by Laurence Armstrong.

Finally, there are pages covering 'Phase 5', Views from the Line, the history of the abandoned PBSSR works around Beddgelert, Archived News and a Contacts page for volunteers. Another page covers the current operation of the WHHR) southwest from Pen-y-Mount.



(739415 bytes)

The above OS map shows the route through the Aberglaslyn Pass and Beddgelert. Click on the image to enlarge. Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Click here to use the free OS Get-a-map service.

Route section pages

Listed below are links to pages featuring progress on different sections of the line or archive views. Jump ahead to News section or follow the section links from page to page. Please note that access to the links below was restored on 2/9/04 at the new website www.isengard.co.uk


Phase 4 pages

Rhyd Ddu to Pont Cae'r Gors (updated 29/6/06)

Pont Cae'r Gors to Hafod Ruffydd Halt (new 8/10/06)

Hafod Ruffydd Halt to Beddgelert Forest Halt (updated 4/12/06)

Beddgelert Forest Halt to Beddgelert Station (updated 1/7/07)

Beddgelert Station Area (updated 30/6/07)

Beddgelert Station to Bryn-y-felin (updated 1/7/07)

Aberglaslyn Pass (updated 2/7/07)

Nantmor to Pont Croesor (updated 16/7/07)

Pont Croesor to Pen-y-Mount (updated 1/4/07)

WHR (Porthmadog) (updated 1/4/07)

Porthmadog Cross Town Link (updated 1/4/07)


Other pages

'Phase 6' page (new 2/4/06)

Views from the Line Page (updated 26/2/05)

PBSSR Works Historical Page (updated 25/3/05)

Rhyd Ddu Opening Page (New 14/2/04)

Archived News Page (updated 11/10/14)

Snow Scenes (updated 19/1/13)

Rolling Stock News Page (updated 28/12/04)

Phase 4 News Page (updated 3/3/05)

Volunteer Contact details page (updated 3/10/13)

Phase 2 and 3 page list (updated 27/8/08)

Access to Phase 2 pages is currently being progressed.


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There has never been any intent by myself to suggest that the views on these pages represent the views, opinions or policy of the FR, the WHRCL or the WHRS.

I am happy to confirm that this is an INDEPENDENT web news service.


Stop Press!!

New construction images/text will be posted on a regular basis.

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Phase 2 DVD released

Following many requests, your webmaster's Hi8 (stereo) Phase 2 analogue camcorder footage has been captured with a digitiser and edited to make a 2 hour DVD. All footage is from the year 2000, including:-

Click here for the Clip List.

The previous Phase 3 VHS video has been edited from original material onto DVD. Both Phase 2 and Phase 3 DVDs come in library boxes with smart illustrated inserts and a clip list (no commentary). The DVDs themselves are attractively labelled with a snowy alpine railway scene at Rhyd Ddu. The DVDs can be provided in any format (+R/-R/+RW/-RW) and the DVDs are not regionalised. Special orders for NTSC versions could be considered if the technology proves workable. All monies raised from the sale of these DVDs will go to the WHRS to support Phase 4. Contact the WHR/FR Shop. Limited numbers of copies of both DVDs will be on sale at WHRS events.


Phase 3 Video Offer

A new video offer for Phase 3 was launched at Easter 2004. The last video generated over £1,000 all of which was donated to the WHRS and the new video sold out at Super Power 2004, raising over £400 for Phase 4 funds.

The new video shows the construction, works trains, Royal test trains and the opening to Rhyd Ddu. The video is over 1.5 hours long covering the period 2000-2003. It also includes a few Gala clips and a 'chase the train' sequence at Llwyn-y-bedw. The special Xmas Edition now contains K1 in action footage and the 2005 Gala and the delivery of K1 to Dinas.

Phase 2 is also available in DVD format mastered from digitised analogue footage.

Phase 3 is now available in DVD format mastered from VHS tape for better reproduction!


Click here for Phase 3 Construction video Clip List


Sept 2007-Aug 2008 Edition of Phase 4 DVD

A new edition appeared at Garratt 50 including scenes from SuperPower 2007 through Palmerston at Beddgelert, the Supporters' Specials in the Aberglaslyn Pass to the final stages of linking up at Traeth Mawr. The DVD is an hour long. John Wooden sold them from his shop and also his on-line shop with all money raised going directly to the WHRS for Phase 4 funds. Following the review to be published in the Winter 2009 TSR, more copies will be produced over Xmas.

Click here for FR on-line shop

Click here for DVD Clip List

Click here for the latest YouTube Clip or on the box below


Click on the YouTube box above to watch 1 min of video of Prince crossing Bryn-y-felin bridge on 27/10/08 working a photo-charter. The quality of the YouTube clip does not represent the quality of the DVD. This video was taken by Barrie Hughes on a JVC Everio GZ-MG21EK camcorder.


News Section

WHR timetables

Click here for Laurence Armstrong's latest WHR North map dated 5/11/07

Click here for Laurence Armstrong's latest WHR Middle map dated 14/3/10

Click here for Laurence Armstrong's latest WHR South map dated 14/3/10

Click here for Mike Schumann's Phase 4 TWA maps courtesy of Steve Harris/WHRS

Click here for John Sreeves Gradient profile courtesy of Steve Harris/WHRS

Click here for Chainages and OS Map Reference


Trackwork programme for Winter

A number of trackwork jobs are scheduled to be completed over Winter on the WHR. These include the installation of a lever frame for the yard at Rhyd Ddu, attention to the Caernarfon loop and points, lever frames at Hafod-y-Llyn, installing a stagger between Tro Ffridd and Glanrafon, point maintenance at Pont Croesor and Porthmadog Harbour and realignment of the kink between Cae Pawb and Pont-y-Cyt (the site of Porthmadog New station 1924). Contractors will be flailing the WHR. Volunteers are always welcome and some additional days may be organised between Christmas and the New Year. See Contacts page.


Minffordd 12/10/14

The Welsh Highland Railway Subscribers' tour on 12/10/14 included a tour of Minffordd Yard guided by Paul Lewin. The yard is now the infrastructure centre for the whole F&WHR system. One proposal is for a new rail access towards Boston Lodge giving an easier exit for works trains towards Porthmadog and the WHR without reversal at Minffordd station. Land is available for this within the FR boundary. The new track would also create a triangle at Minffordd allowing locos to be turned easily if they can access the yard via the existing sharp curve. Garratts cannot be turned by this method though as they cannot travel past Boston Lodge Halt as Rhiw Plas bridge is too narrow for them. The 1960s bridge would be better replaced by a level crossing that existed previously now that the Porthmadog Bypass is open.


This Minffordd view 12/10/14 shows Welsh Pony's cab stored at Minffordd in undercoat. The large number of sleepers in the background are believed to be for the FR's Winter tracklaying campaign. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Keith Holland and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This Minffordd view 12/10/14 shows the new store at Minffordd. Various items have been recycled to scrap and the yard is a lot tidier now whilst retaining its heritage character. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Mark Bishop and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Boston Lodge 12/10/14

It was Welsh Highland Railway Supporters' tour on 12/10/14 and a tour of Boston Lodge was included.


This Boston Lodge view 12/10/14 shows the steel frame of FR coach No.150 and, on the right, the repaired saddle tank of Welsh Pony. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Mark Bishop and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This Boston Lodge view 12/10/14 shows the repaired saddle tank of Welsh Pony, the first part of the loco to be refurbished. The new steel plate has been sympathetically added (using rivets) where the corroded sections were cut out. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Mark Bishop and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This Boston Lodge view 12/10/14 shows the steel frame of FR coach No.150. This style of coach is being built to accommodate the more ample proportions of today's clientele and is to the maximum profile allowed by the FR. It will be the first of a new set of coaches that can work throughout the F&WHR. It is likely that no more WHR profile coaches will be built. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Mark Bishop and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Hafod-y-llyn loop 11/10/14

This northerly view 11/10/14 shows the completed headshunt at Hafod-y-llyn. a rail carrying wagon is locked in the loop which also functions as a siding. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Mark Bishop and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This northerly view 11/10/14 shows the point for the completed headshunt at Hafod-y-llyn. The lever frame has yet to appear. The headshunt is being described as a tamper siding. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Mark Bishop and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This northerly view 11/10/14 shows the catchpoint at the north end of Hafod-y-llyn loop. The level frame has yet to appear. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Mark Bishop and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


K1 Group plans

Andy Rutter reports: After K1’s Boiler Certificate expires this November (5/11/14) the F&WHR has confirmed that it will support the Group’s intention to complete the essential work required to overhaul the boiler, which includes fitting new tubes. Before that date the K1 volunteers hope to finish the steam supply and electrical circuits for the turbo-generator that will power and charge the batteries for the headlights. Other work will include overhauling the rear engine pivot, a connecting rod bush and the problematic blast pipe arrangement. A warm axle box has also been reported.

We have some funds available to rebuild one or other of the water tanks/coal bunker, however no decision has been made as yet on which one.

The K1 Group intends to wind down by October of 2015 as most of the committee are retiring and have been involved since 1995! May we make an appeal for volunteers for working parties & anyone who wants to help out with the Group and/or take over from the existing committee? As no one has yet come forward, we are aiming to do as much as possible this Winter on this iconic locomotive so that she can be put back into service ASAP. Then any Group funds remaining will be transferred to the WHRS for future support of K1 if the Group is wound up. A WHRS locomotive support group could take on the role of supporting the WHRS funded locomotive projects and other WHR locomotive work.

The Company plans to use K1 for a special train for Trustees Day on 8/10/14 & a photo-charter on 3/11/14 just before the boiler ticket expires on 5/11/14. Provisional K1 Group working parties at Dinas are on 15-16/11/14, and on 17-18/01/15.

Contact the Chairman, John Startin for working party information. Contact the Secretary, Robin Rees-Jones for other information.


Team Wylfa report 14/10/14

On Tuesday this week, the A Team paid a rare 'flying squad' visit to Boston Lodge to service the E Set - it's been stabled overnight at the Porthmadog end of the line for the last few weeks since the high season timetable finished. The remaining plain bearinged axleboxes in the set definitely needed oil and by we had finished, nearly all the oil in our faithful 25 litre bowser had gone. It was easy to 'do' the set from the comfort of a full length pit although there were 3 carriages sticking out of the shed each end and we had to resort to our usual lying in the ballast for them!

All being well, apart from a visual inspection each week, this should be 'it' for oiling-up until just before the Christmas consist gets made up. Where has this season gone? It just seems to have flown by.


Tuesday Gang report 14/10/14

Tony Baker reports: The gang spent 14/10/14 replacing the centre crossing timbers at LC 35.63. The metalwork to secure the timbers was found in the PW workshops. The job took a while to complete as everything had to be carried about 200 m from the nearest road access including a generator.


Welsh Pony news 12/10/14

During SuperPower weekend further dismantling of Welsh Pony occurred. The side frames were removed and there was work to remove the smokebox to allow the boiler to be removed. It was intended this would happen during the October Vintage Weekend after which the boiler can be assessed to determine whether it needs to be replaced. However, Boston Lodge was not open to the public during that event. Meanwhile the saddle tank repairs are progressing and only necessary pieces of sheeting are being replaced. These are riveted to the existing sound sheeting to maintain the character of the loco.


This westerly view 12/10/14 shows Welsh Pony's frames revealed at Boston Lodge after the removal of the boiler (on 11/10/14) with Mike Hart looking on. The frames appear to be in reasonable condition. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Keith Holland and was taken on an Pentax digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This easterly view 12/10/14 shows Welsh Pony's boiler at Boston Lodge. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Keith Holland and was taken on an Pentax digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Moel Tryfan 'buzz'

According to informants, there was a buzz of discussion about the possible Moel Tryfan project at the FR's Vintage Weekend Gala. While all the other Fairlies have interchangeable two axles power bogies, Moel Tryfan's, if rebuilt, would be a three axle power bogie.


Diamond Jubilee Appeal passes £1/2 million

On 22/9/14 the Diamond Jubilee Appeal total stood in excess of £502,000.


Tuesday Gang report 7/10/14

Tony Baker reports: We spent the day preparing crossing timbers at Dinas which are earmarked for 2 crossings in the Snowdon Ranger area. We were called out toward the end of the afternoon to clean out the points outside of the Engine Shed which had become obstructed with debris.


David Lloyd George repaint

David Lloyd George, currently running in works grey livery, is to be repainted into its previous red livery around Christmas time. The loco returned to service in May 2014 after conversion to coal firing (oil costs too much these days) and an extensive rebuild. The works grey livery was a recreation of double Fairlie loco Taliesin’s (aka Livingston Thompson) 1956 appearance when it returned to service on the reborn FR. It was originally intended to repaint David Lloyd George before the FR's Vintage Weekend, but as Earl of Merioneth failed, David Lloyd George was needed to haul service trains until the end of the season.

Any volunteers willing to help in the repaint the loco should contact Norman Bond. Merddin Emrys’ paintwork also needs a touch up but it seems likely that the loco will be repainted at its next scheduled overhaul in a year’s time.


East Anglian Group meeting 16/10/14

Richard Watson advises: The first WHR East Anglian Group meeting of the new season will be on Thursday 16/10/14. We’re pleased to welcome guest speaker Alan Rampley, who will be talking about The Gloucester and Warwickshire Railway Project: Past, Present and Future. It’s sure to be a fascinating story, so do come along and please bring a friend!

The Group meets at The Six Bells Pub, 9 High Street, Fulbourn, Cambridge CB21 5DH normally on the third Thursday of the month. We gather at any time after 6-6.30pm; good evening meals are available in the restaurant or bar at reasonable prices. Meetings start around 8pm , with a halfway break for coffee (£1.20 per person), and proceedings are rounded off around 10pm. Fulbourn is easily accessible from the A14/M11 corridors and is served by Stagecoach bus Citi 1 (Note: Bus runs every 30 minutes). Car parking can be busy at the pub, but there is space available on Church Lane, a 3-5 minute walk away.

Future events include:

Thursday 20/11/14: Cedric Lodge, well known of course from the Ffestiniog and Welsh Highland Railways, on “The Steam Locomotive in the 21st Century”.

Thursday 11/12/14: Members’ slides and social evening. We don’t have a slide projector any more(!) so members are invited to bring photographs on CD, DVD or USB stick. Note that this meeting is on the second Thursday of the month, and not the third.

We hope to see you all at Fulbourn!


Team Wylfa report 7/10/14

Clive Briscoe reports: Another Tuesday evening at Dinas and just the core team (of two of us!) were present to firstly check the F Set. After a full visual check, we oiled the couplings and just the axleboxes on the NWNGR carriage No. 23 - the other carriages with plain bearings having ex-SAR bogies and, with the reduced mileage due to the off peak timetable, won't need doing until next week. (With this timetable, there are no stock rotations with each set doing a single return journey from each end of the line per day).

After that it was down to the Loco Shed to do some more work on No.134. It was light work - just put another coat of gloss paint on the new vacuum brake train-pipe.

Next Tuesday, we are creating the Team Wylfa Flying Squad again and taking our tools down to Porthmadog to service the E Set.


Moel Tryfan gets Facebook community page

The Moel Tryfan campaign seems to be gaining steam with the launch of a Moel Tryfan Facebook page on 30/9/14. Anyone can view the page-viewers do not have to be Facebook members. The page contains rarely seen views of the NWNGR loco in 1954 condition and as cut up. Your web editor has received several requests as to whom to contact to offer donations.


Tryfan Junction station nears completion

The station building at Tryfan Junction is nearing completion. The request stop between Dinas and Waunfawr is the start of the Bryngwyn Slate Trail along the trackbed of the old Bryngwyn branch. Following approval of the project in 2005, the project waited time until 2008 while Stuart McNair prepared plans for the platform. Work on the station building started in February 2009 with an insulated concrete floor. Materials recovered from the demolished Waunfawr station building were used to repair the structure from both Waunfawr and Dinas South Yard.

February 2010 saw the platform completed and on 1/5/10 a special train from Caernarfon called there for members of the Heritage Group with replica WHR tickets. The lower section of the slate Trail from Rhostryfan to Tryfan Junction was opened on 21/5/11. By November 2011 the building was ready for its roof and chimney. The WHRS West Midlands group provided the windows. February 2013 saw the completion of footpath access to the platform. In the last 12 months an antique fireplace has been fitted and internal doors from Port Dinorwic (Y Felinheli as it is now known) railway station. There is also fixed memorial seating and oil lamps. While the interior looks almost finished now some minor finishing works are ongoing.


FR Victorian Weekend 10-12/10/14

The FR has its Victorian Weekend from 10-12/10/14 where many people will be dressed in Victorian dress. The event is centred on the FR and there will be no special services on the WHR. Hugh Napier will offer cab rides in Harbour Station. Lyd has returned from the L&BR Gala and will haul a special train visiting various locations. There will be Minffordd Yard tours but Boston Lodge Works will be closed. For full details see F&WHR website.


Halloween Trains 31/10/14

The F&WHR is operating the annual Halloween train from Caernarfon (depart 1830) to Waunfawr where the event centres on the Snowdonia Park brewpub. Advance booking is advised (phone 01286 677018). The FR offers three Halloween trains over the period 29-31/10/14. For full details see F&WHR website.


Titbits Autumn 2013

As with many North Wales attractions, the WHR suffered reduced passenger numbers in the early part of 2014. The warm Summer kept people on the beaches. With fewer services on offer than the FR, WHR traffic receipts were 11% down at one stage (compared with 2% for the FR) but have improved more recently. The 'Summer of Fun' free add-ons, such as the Harbour Station cab rides, have helped attract visitors.

The new Harbour Station signalling has worked well with only a few failures that have easily been worked around with minimal disruption. One issue for trainee signallers is the 1 minute or so 'timeout' after accidentally clearing the wrong signal. Guards now have time to check that passengers are on the right train as a few have found themselves on the wrong train with simultaneous departures. Maybe a train indicator display or more traditional finger boards are required?

David Lloyd George, back in service following a major refurbishment, was withdrawn from traffic in the Spring with an odd exhaust beat. It returned to traffic at the end of August after a disappointing start with wearing cylinder liners. This was caused by residual casting sand in the steam spaces of the new cylinder block. Merddin Emrys covered for the loco whilst it was out of traffic. Moel Tryfan's pony truck wheels are wearing away under Linda and Blanche and will probably be replaced with new wheels.

Following examination of its boiler, it now seems likely that Welsh Pony will require a new boiler. However repairs to the saddle tank are underway with new lower sheeting panels welded in. The appeal leaflets brought in £42,000 and the total fund stood at £75,000 at the end of the Summer.

New FR Super Barn coach No.119 is having its tables etched with a map of the F&WHR as it may be used on WHR trains.

Contributions to the Harbour Station resignalling appeal produced £67,000 and enabled heritage style semaphore signals. While all the finials have now been fitted to the signals, the trident signal out on the Cob needs two days with no trains in order to be fully tested so it may not be commissioned until November. The Diamond Jubilee Appeal has raised £460,000 so far if all the monthly contributions come in.


Moel Tryfan proposal

On the 60th anniversary of the cutting up of Moel Tryfan at Harbour Station (4/10/54) some volunteers are floating a project to build a replica Moel Tryfan, an 0-6-4 single Fairlie that ran on the WHR. The loco would be a more powerful version of Taliesin, the FR's single Fairlie, which has a standard FR Fairlie bogie. One suggestion is a Moel Tryfan 2020 project and volunteers think the estimated £350k cost could be raised by volunteer donations. The next step is to get a design for an uprated engine rather than another low powered 'coffee pot' and the volunteer group think they nearly have that. Parts of Moel Tryfan still exist as it was acquired by the FR in 1937 and remained at Boston Lodge until being cut up in 1954. See Wikipedia Moel Tryfan for more details on the loco.


Team Wylfa report 30/9/14

Clive Briscoe reports: On Tuesday evening this week, it was back to normal for Team Wylfa. As usual, it was start with the carriages - the F Set, then move down to the Loco Shed for work on No.134. The target was the new vacuum brake train-pipe and it received its first coat of gloss paint.

Progress will unfortunately be slower from now on with a much reduced workforce. Luckily there were actually 3 members so the task was completed.

Also in the Loco Shed:-Steady progress was noted on diesel No.9 - the cab floor is now in, likewise the refurbished 'dashboard' containing light switches, engine instrumentation and gauges is now mounted and in process of wiring up. In the engine bay, the refurbished fuel and vacuum brake tanks have also been refitted. In the workshop, the connecting rods are being fettled ready for new bearing brasses.

NGG16 No.140 - one of the pony truck frames has now been cleaned and painted.


Tuesday Gang report 30/9/14

The Tuesday Gang went to Minffordd yard to look for cranks for point rodding in the vegetation. They found some and took them back to Dinas for refurbishment.


Lyd at L&BR 27-28/9/14

Lyd attended the Lynton and Barnstaple Railway's Gala at Woody Bay, Devon, over the weekend of 27-28/9/14. Three original/replica coaches were used with a fourth on the way (No.11 at Great Yeldham). Additional news and video available on the L&BR website. Lyd is staying to operate all trains this week.


Click on the YouTube box above to watch 12 mins 37 secs of video published 27/9/14 covering Lyd at the L&BR Gala. This video was taken by John Wooden (F&WHR) on a professional camcorder and is best watched in 1080p mode.


Tuesday Gang report 23/9/14

Tony Baker reports: The gang were at Rhyd Ddu today where level crossing 39.16 was the centre of our attention. The APG's were full of detritus washed down from above and needed cleaning out. In addition there were many broken and rotten triangles and the foundation timbers, originally 6" x 1" were life expired. So we took the whole thing apart, cleared away all the detritus and rebuilt it using 3" x 1.5" timber as the foundation. A light drizzle started about 2 pm and the trains were well loaded.


This northerly view 23/9/14 shows No.138 arriving at Rhyd Ddu on the 1000 ex-Caernarfon. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Tony Baker and was taken on an Olympus digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This northerly view 23/9/14 shows the Rhyd Ddu crossing being repaired. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Michael Tait and was taken on an Olympus digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This southerly view 23/9/14 shows the completed crossing at Rhyd Ddu. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Tony Baker and was taken on an Olympus digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Team Wylfa appeal 18/9/14

The A Team joined B team on Thursday 18/9/14 to service the carriages and a team went to Boston Lodge on Thursday 25/9/14) to catch the E Set.

Normal service resumes again from next Tuesday, 30/9/14 but the Team is now desperately looking for new hands following the recent departure of 2 of the core members of Tuesday's A Team due to 1. Health reasons and 2. Redeployment to another area of the country. Both A & B Teams are down to a core team of 2 each with occasional help from some of our irregulars. We really could do with at least one extra permanent hand for each team. The A Team starts with carriage work but moves on to working on NG15 No.134 each Tuesday evening with the B Team completing carriage work begun on Tuesdays. Nothing too strenuous with Tuesday's team having the satisfaction of helping to return No.134 to service with the interesting smaller jobs and painting. Fancy joining us - we're a happy team? Find contact details here on the Contacts page.


Bron Hebog model update

The 009 model railway layout of Beddgelert ‘Bron Hebog’ will be on show this weekend coming 20th/21st September at the exhibition organised by the Railway Enthusiasts Club at Woking Leisure Centre in Surrey.

This will be the first opportunity to see this very large layout at its full extent after more than 10 years in the building. (It’s not finished yet – but the track layout – including whole the S bend above Beddgelert is now modelled and has trains running on it. (Even the team who built it haven’t seen it erected yet – it’s too big to fit in a house!)

There’s much more information about the layout on our blog http://bronhebog.blogspot.com or on our Facebook and Twitter feeds (search for Bron Hebog).


This image of the Bron Hebog model railway shows the work in progress on section of the layout which includes the Oberon Wood housing estate. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Rob Waller and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Tuesday Gang report 16/9/14

Tony Baker reports: The Tuesday Gang were at Tros-y-Gol repairing level crossings 32.46 and 32.63 where APG grids were missing or rotting. We were passed by No.87 on the 13.20 ex-Caernarfon and No.138 on the 13.15 ex-Porthmadog. The weather was warm and sunny and the trains were well filled.


This northerly view 16/9/14 shows No.87 passing Tros-y-Gol south of Betws Garmon. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Tony Baker and was taken on an Olympus digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This southerly view 16/9/14 shows the Tuesday Gang working on a level crossing at Tros-y-Gol just north of Salem as No.138 passes. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Tony Baker and was taken on an Olympus digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Trackwork Volunteering 2014-15

Volunteers are right at the forefront of keeping the permanent way, in particular, and the infrastructure, in general, fit for trains to run. We have a mix of weekend and weekday working parties. The Black Hand, Tuesday and Rest of the World Gangs will be very glad to accept an extra a hand. Contact the relevant organiser to let him know when you plan to join us. Please do not just run up as that makes it difficult for us to plan ahead.

The programme for the remainder of 2014 and the first months of 2015 is as follows:

October 24-27/10/14LW  
November 1-2/11/14   15-16/11/14 22-28/11/14WW 29-30/11/14
December   13-14/12/14      
January 2015   10-11/1/15 17-23/1/15WW 24-25/1/15  
February 2015 7-8/2/15 14-20/2/15WW 21-22/2/15    
March 2015 7-8/3/15 14-20/3/15WW 21-22/3/15    

^ Bank Holiday

LW-Long weekend Friday-Monday

WW-Working week Saturday-Friday

The Tuesday Gang expects to be operating pretty well every Tuesday.

Arrangements may change so contact the working party organiser before you commit yourself to joining us just to make sure.


If you intend to join one of the weekend or Tuesday gangs, please contact the appropriate organiser. If you are interested in weekday working or have any queries about track work volunteering, please contact Paul Bradshaw.

Tuesday Gang:

Contact Tony Baker for details. Phone: 01492 874579 Email: SPUDDY43@aol.com

North Wales Black Hand Gang (BHG):Dafydd Thomas Phone: 01248 681019 Email: dthomas@ffwhr.com

Rest of The World Gang (ROWG):Paul Bradshaw Phone: 01766 770034 Email: pbradshaw@ffwhr.com

If you intend to join one of the weekend or Tuesday Gang days, please contact the appropriate organiser. If you are interested in weekday working or have any queries about track work volunteering, please contact Paul Bradshaw. See Contacts page.


Gradient graph

John Hopkins has contributed this image of the gradient profile of the WHR. It makes clear how much of a mountain we have climbed and how steep the drop through Beddgelert is. Maybe most of all, it reveals the challenge facing northbound trains after they stop at Beddgelert!


Gradient profile.JPG (319064 bytes)

This image is courtesy/copyright John Hopkins and is derived from data courtesy John Sreeves with additional work by Michael Bentley. Click on the image to enlarge.


Events 2014-15

22/3/14 Start of WHR 2014 Season
2-5/5/14 Sixty Years of Preservation-FR Gala (possible WHR events?)
3-5/5/14 WHHR Russell Gala-K1 at WHHR
9/5/14 Railway Children Charity Day (Fiji)
16-18/5/14 Rail-Ale Beer Festival
14/7/14 Special Timetable (to accommodate the Royal Scotsman Tour Charter)
18/7/14 onwards 'Summer of Fun'-Fiji cab experience at stations
19/7/14 Prince at DRS Gresty Bridge depot Open Day
23/7/14 'Race the Train'-Dinas-Caernarfon
2-3/8/14 Russell Returns event at WHHR and Russell available subsequent weekends
12-14/9/14 SuperPower 2014 (WHRS AGM 13/9/14)
31/10/14 Halloween Train
6-7/12/14, 13-14/12/14 and 20-21/12/14 Santa Specials 2014 (Caernarfon-Waunfawr)
27/12/14-1/1/15 Mince Pie Specials 2014-5 (1000 return from Caernarfon)
15-17/5/15 Rail-Ale Beer Festival
11-13/9/15 SuperPower 2015 (WHRS AGM 12/9/14)


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