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Star Picture

This northerly view 14/4/14 shows No.138 drifting down towards Beddgelert Forest Campsite at 1116. Most of the services leading up to the Easter Bank Holiday weekend were hauled by Nos. 87/143 so this was a relatively rare outing for the red Garratt. The train was due to depart Beddgelert at 1125. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Barrie Hughes and was taken on a Kodak DX6490 digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Welcome to Version 4 of this website, launched on September 8 2004 with news about work on Phase 4 of the WHR scheme. In addition to this Stop Press page and a Phase 1/2 page, there are 9 location pages, covering the Phase 3 works between Waunfawr and Rhyd Ddu. There are a further 9 pages covering Phase 4, the full route through Beddgelert, the Aberglaslyn Pass and on to Porthmadog, including the Traeth Mawr to Pen-y-Mount works recently constructed by the WHHR with three regularly updated map links for this area by Laurence Armstrong.

Finally, there are pages covering 'Phase 5', Views from the Line, the history of the abandoned PBSSR works around Beddgelert, Archived News and a Contacts page for volunteers. Another page covers the current operation of the WHHR southwest from Pen-y-Mount.



(739415 bytes)

The above OS map shows the route through the Aberglaslyn Pass and Beddgelert. Click on the image to enlarge. Image produced from the Ordnance Survey Get-a-map service. Image reproduced with kind permission of Ordnance Survey and Ordnance Survey of Northern Ireland.

Click here to use the free OS Get-a-map service.

Route section pages

Listed below are links to pages featuring progress on different sections of the line or archive views. Jump ahead to News section or follow the section links from page to page. Please note that access to the links below was restored on 2/9/04 at the new website www.isengard.co.uk


Phase 4 pages

Rhyd Ddu to Pont Cae'r Gors (updated 29/6/06)

Pont Cae'r Gors to Hafod Ruffydd Halt (new 8/10/06)

Hafod Ruffydd Halt to Beddgelert Forest Halt (updated 4/12/06)

Beddgelert Forest Halt to Beddgelert Station (updated 1/7/07)

Beddgelert Station Area (updated 30/6/07)

Beddgelert Station to Bryn-y-felin (updated 1/7/07)

Aberglaslyn Pass (updated 2/7/07)

Nantmor to Pont Croesor (updated 16/7/07)

Pont Croesor to Pen-y-Mount (updated 1/4/07)

WHR (Porthmadog) (updated 1/4/07)

Porthmadog Cross Town Link (updated1/4/07)


Other pages

'Phase 6' page (new 2/4/06)

Views from the Line Page (updated 26/2/05)

PBSSR Works Historical Page (updated 25/3/05)

Rhyd Ddu Opening Page (New 14/2/04)

Archived News Page (updated 18/1/17)

Snow Scenes (updated 31/10/15)

Rolling Stock News Page (updated 28/12/04)

Phase 4 News Page (updated 3/3/05)

Volunteer Contact details page (updated 18/5/16)

Phase 2 and 3 page list (updated 27/8/08)

Video list (new 9/11/15)

Access to Phase 2 pages is currently being progressed.


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There has never been any intent by myself to suggest that the views on these pages represent the views, opinions or policy of the FR, the WHRCL or the WHRS.

I am happy to confirm that this is an INDEPENDENT web news service.


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News Section

WHR timetables

Click here for Laurence Armstrong's latest WHR North map dated 5/11/07

Click here for Laurence Armstrong's latest WHR Middle map dated 14/3/10

Click here for Laurence Armstrong's latest WHR South map dated 14/3/10

Click here for Mike Schumann's Phase 4 TWA maps courtesy of Steve Harris/WHRS

Click here for John Sreeves Gradient profile courtesy of Steve Harris/WHRS

Click here for Chainages and OS Map Reference


NR test train to Blaenau 20/1/17

Click on the YouTube link above to watch 7 min 44 seconds of video featuring 37604 and 37608 in Europhoenix livery on an NR test train visiting Blaenau Ffestiniog and testing both the platform and run round tracks. How long before we start seeing last minute 'out of gauge' cancellations for steam trains on this route? It is best watched at 1080p HD mode available on e.g. Chrome.


Hugh Napier in Manchester 19-22/1/17

Hugh Napier visited the Caravan and Motorhome Show at Event City in Manchester to advertise the F&WHR to the staycation public. There were several such events last year, mostly advertised well in advance.


This Event City view (19/1/17) shows Hugh Napier on display at the Caravan and Motorhome Show. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright F&WHR and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


'FR 1964' Pathé Newsreel

The Pathé Company has a search engine that allows its vast archive to be searched for topics such as the FR, which produces four results (some of which are on YouTube-see below)...See Pathé website.


Click on the YouTube link above to watch 1 min 38 seconds of video featuring the FR in 1964. This video was taken on a professional film camera by Pathé Newsreel who used to provide news features as short features for cinemas. It is best watched at 1080p HD mode available on e.g. Chrome.


T&BFCR Co. Inaugural Meeting 28/1/17

With the inaugural meeting planned for 28/1/17, development of this railway in the WHR's back yard, so to speak, will be of interest to the F&WHR either in competition or providing an additional attraction to bring holidaymakers to the area. the meeting takes place at the Trawsfynydd Lake Cafe (next to the Nuclear Power Station) at 10am for 11am start.

Please find below a few objectives and clarifications as published by the T&BFCR Co. last year:


Welsh Pony progress 4/1/17

More images of Welsh Pony were released on 4/1/17 showing good progress to that date. The original regulator valve has been refurbished and fitted inside the steam dome. New bronze castings have been delivered for the safety valve, whistle manifold and axleboxes. Meanwhile the new tender components await riveting. Welsh Pony's old tender is in use with Linda having previously been coupled to the other large England Little Giant. The loco was displayed until recently with a wooden tender from Princess. Click on the F&WHR Insider page for several photos of progress.


This Boston Lodge view (4/1/17) shows the front tubeplate of the boiler and steam dome completed. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright F&WHR and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Caernarfon road works 11/1/17

This easterly view (11/1/17) shows roadworks alongside Caernarfon Castle on the hill down from Y Maes to improve access to the WHR station. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Stuart McNair and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Cob PW work continues 17/1/17

This easterly view (17/1/17) shows Criccieth Castle on a the pw train carrying ballast and an excavator to relay track on The Cob. The loco is propelling the rake off the WHR and may have collected this load in Llyn Bach car park. Criccieth Castle must stabled in Porthmadog Harbour station as the railway is currently pulled up along The Cob. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Stuart McNair and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Bontnewydd/Caernarfon Bypass delays

The BBC website reports that contractors are concerned that no date has been set for the Public Enquiry into environmental issues on the route of this bypass, work on which was planned to start last year. The appointed joint venture contractors Balfour Beatty/Jones Bros (Ruthin) will have set aside resources and may have rejected other work so that they are available for the construction project. Any further delay could damage their profitability. The £90 million bypass route runs from the west end of the Y Felinheli (Port Dinorwig) Bypass at Plas Menai roundabout, around the south of Caernarfon to terminate at the north end of the A487 Pen-y-groes Bypass (Goat roundabout), south of Dinas. The route crosses the WHR just north of Bontnewydd Halt where passive provision will be left for a possible TRAWS scheme to reopen the Bangor-Afonwen railway thereby completing a Cambrian Coast rail link.

The initial delay suggested work would start in August or September 2017 (see Construction Enquirer website) but work on the bypass cannot now begin until 2018, given a positive outcome to the Public Enquiry, as tree clearance is banned during the 2017 nesting season and no advance work has been done. The bypass consists of alternating 3 lane sections to provide overtaking opportunities in each direction but strangely does not have a junction with the A4085 Beddgelert Road, despite much holiday traffic going into that valley. When complete the bypass will relieve daily commuting congestion in Caernarfon and Bontnewydd as well as easing access by holiday traffic to the area, particularly to Porthmadog and the Llyn Peninsula from the A55 North Wales Expressway.


No.130 progress 14/1/17

No.130 is making steady progress in Dinas works. Various parts have recently been delivered including gland packing, pipework for the boiler cradle and water bleed valves. The vacuum cylinder is being fitted to the cradle and attention has been given to a problem with a component that would have caused the loco not to 'notch up' evenly. For full details see No.130 Facebook page.


T&BFR update

The hoped for Crowdfunded loco No.08757 has now gone to the Telford Steam Railway and was delivered there around 16/1/17. The T&BFR does not own a share and Crowdfunds raised will be put to the establishment of a depot at Maentwrog Road station yard with permission of the donors. There is another working party on Saturday 21/1/17 intending to clear track near Cwmbowydd Road l/c Blaenau Ffestiniog. The following Saturday 28/1/17 is the group's inaugural AGM starting at 10am for 11am at the Trawsfynydd Lake cafe.

A copy of the photographic souvenir brochure provided to passengers on the special 'last train' run by the SLS on 22/1/61 has been uploaded onto the BF&TR Soc Facebook page including several photos of the line.


Tuesday Gang report 17/1/17

Tony Baker reports: On Tuesday 17/01/17 we completed the second of the two foot crossings at Tan-y-Bwlch station. There was a bit more work on this one as it contained a fishplate which meant that extra notches were needed to be cut to clear the fishplate nuts. Weather was mild and a bit drizzly with not the remotest chance of a bit of snow even on high ground.


This northerly view (17/1/17) shows work on the foot crossing next to the footbridge at Tan-y-Bwlch on the FR. Preparation of notches in the timbers to clear the fishplate nuts was an additional task. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Tony Baker and was taken on an Olympus digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This easterly view (17/1/17) shows work on the foot crossing next to the footbridge at Tan-y-Bwlch on the FR. The finished job look s very neat. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Tony Baker and was taken on an Olympus digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Brexit risks/benefits

Steam Railway, reporting on Brexit risks and benefits, has identified significant risks to peripheral railways like the Bodmin and Wenford, which is a long way from population centres and has a small local population, as is the F&WHR. With inflation rising due to the collapse of the pound after the Brexit vote and petrol prices now rising above £1.15, even at supermarkets like Tesco, the cost of visiting the F&WHR has increased markedly. The Governor of the Bank of England has advised consumers against using credit cards as forecast inflation, with imports costing more because of the falling pound, will leave households with less disposable income to spend on holidays etc. Stay-cation may increase as foreign holidays are now much more expensive and foreign tourism may also increase as their dollars and euros will be worth much more in the UK. No-cation is also likely to increase with family's only being able to afford the odd day out at Easter/Whit/Summer if inflation continues to grow as predicted. Hopefully foreign visitors will make up for any decrease in UK holidaymakers in North Wales.


Timetable corrections/Snow report

Corrections have now been uploaded to the F&WHR website to accommodate the revised date of SuperPower in September. The next train services will be over the Half Term week 18-25/2/17. Trains will be running from Dinas to Beddgelert at 10:15 and 13:30. A return services is possible from Beddgelert at 12:00. It is possible there may be snow at that time of year but no snow is forecast around the WHR up to 24/1/16.


SuperPower 15-17/9/17

After initially being advertised as 6-8/9/17, the F&WHR Facebook page now advises that SuperPower will be held a week later in the year 15-17/9/17, later than in recent years. The move was to avoid a conflict with the popular Festival No.6 at Portmerion.


The Cob works reveal FR archaeology

Relaying work on the Cob has revealed numerous stone sleepers including two rare full length ones and some longitudinal wooden ones. It is hoped a full archaeological survey can be carried out before new ballast is placed. For images see F&WHR Inside Facebook page.


Caernarfon works 8/1/17

This northerly view (8/1/17) shows the temporary stopblock used to protect the sewer works while the buffer stop (visible on right) has been removed.. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Tom Waldren and was taken on an digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This northerly view (8/1/17) shows sewer work beginning on site at Caernarfon. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Tom Waldren and was taken on an digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Santa Specials 10/12/16

This northerly view (10/12/17) shows No.143 supported by Castell Caernarfon on the first train of the day. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Tom Waldren and was taken on digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Tom Waldren reports: For the last two weekends before Christmas, I helped out with the Santa trains at Dinas. In the mornings, I left my lodging (Minffordd Hostel) at 07:00 arriving at Dinas around 07:30 for signing in. This year, the Santa trains ran from Dinas to Rhyd Ddu, making three round-trips each day. The first job was to clean the train engine, No.143. I usually start by cleaning the paintwork with an oil-based solution, finishing off with a good wipe from a clean cloth. I then move on to the brasswork using good-old ‘Brasso’, starting with the name plate and moving onto the pipework.

After the loco crew have lit the fire, oiled and performed their checks, they help with the cleaning, but as you know, the Garratts are big locos and require quite a team to get them really clean. Between the trains, I helped out with directing cars in the car park and to the temporary overflow area in front of the Goods Shed when the main car park was full. On the first train of each day, Funkey diesel Castell Caernarfon assisted No.143, double-heading up the line to Rhyd Ddu and returning ‘top-and-tail’. On arrival back at Dinas, the Funkey left the train and waited in the South Yard, where I worked the ground frame points, using the key on the token to unlock/lock them.

After the next service train departed, the diesel was moved under the shunt-token into the North Yard for stabling, there being limited accommodation available in the South Yard and Loco Shed. At the end of the day, when the last train returned, I helped with cleaning out the train, which mainly consisted of picking up Christmas present wrapping and other rubbish whilst the coaches were being shunted into the Carriage Shed. I then walked over to the South Yard and assisted the loco crew with disposal. This consisted of raking out the ash from the ashpan and barrowing it over to the ash pile. The final task of the say was to shovel up any spilt ash after the loco had moved into the shed.


New large picture formats 10/1/17

As from 10/1/17, all images received will be available at full resolution. After clicking the thumbnail, the images should automatically rescale to your screen size. Clicking again will expand the image to full size (where available) and use of the side and bottom sliders can allow visitors to this webpage to exam a smaller section of the image in full resolution.


Tuesday Gang report 10/1/17

Tony Baker reports: Refreshed after our Christmas break we descended upon a drizzly Tan-y-Bwlch to continue with the installation of new crossing timbers on the foot crossings to the island platform. The Blaenau end had been finished before Christmas and the old timbers removed from the Porth end also. The new timbers were cut to size, positioned and marked up for drilling and the cutting out of the notches. Next week it is hoped to complete this work and the Building Dept. can then finish the fencing.


This easterly view (10/1/17) shows timbers for the foot crossing next to the footbridge at Tan-y-Bwlch on the FR. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Tony Baker and was taken on an Olympus digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This easterly view (10/1/17) shows timbers for the foot crossing being marked up. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Tony Baker and was taken on an Olympus digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


New 2017 timetable

The new timetable for the 2017 season was released on 10/1/17. See F&WHR website. The Green (Dinas-Beddgelert) timetable is as advertised from 18-25/2/17. this is followed by the Brown (Porthmadog-Hafod-y-llyn) timetable MTFX 1-23/3/17 with two services to Hafod-y-llyn as last year. The main Yellow off-peak (Caernarfon-Porthmadog) timetable kicks off from 25/3/17 with occasional MFX and runs with many peak Red timetable days interleaved for Easter and Whit Bank Holidays etc. until the end of July. The red timetable runs for the whole of August and a few days in early September. The Yellow off peak timetable appears again for the remainder of September and (mostly MFX) October. However the Yellow timetable covers the full period 21/10-4/11/17 recognising that school Half Term holidays now cover two different weeks and extend into November.

Winter services from 6/11/17 are still under consideration. Updated timetables will be issued later in the year. There will be a number of special trains including:

The Snowdonian on 8/4/17, The Snowdonian Limited on 10/6/17, shuttles on 19-21/5/17 for RailAle, shuttles and specials 8-10/9/17 for Superpower, a Halloween Special on 31/10/17 and Santa Specials on 9-10 and 16-17 and 21-22/12/17.

There are two special timetable days: a Purple timetable operates on 10/7/17 with departure from Caernarfon delayed until 1030 to accommodate the arrival of an excursion. The 12/5/17 sees an extra train running as the 0940 from Porthmadog and the 1700 return in connection with the Caernarfon Food Festival.


Snow report 11/1/17

Finally it seems Rhyd Ddu area is predicted some snow on Thursday evening 12/1/17 and all day Friday 13/1/17 at Snowdon Ranger. It is forecast to remain cold for the week ahead too. Sadly there are no trains running unless there are departmental workings. Any photographs would be welcome.


Inaugural Meeting of the BF&TR 28/1/17

Although clearance work started last September, the Inaugural Meeting of the Society will take place on Saturday 28/1/17 at the Trawsfynydd Lake Cafe. Anyone interested should arrive in good time for the start of the meeting at 10:00am for an 11:00am start. All members of the society are welcome and membership subscriptions will be available on the day. The agenda will be posted shortly. Elections will take place for positions on the Committee. The positions will be advertised shortly. Members should apply by email to secretary@bftr.co.uk with their membership and contact details and a short description of why they would like to join the committee and what they can offer the Society. This must be submitted by midnight on Saturday 14/1/17.

The BF&TR has expressed its hope it can share Blaenau Ffestiniog station with NR/F&WHR. This could be achieved by splitting the NR platform with a removable stop block half way along the platform to allow longer inbound excursions to operate and run round. Initially BT&TR trains might operate with a DMU or in push-pull mode. However, if agreement cannot be reached with NR/F&WHR for BF&TR trains to run round in Blaenau Ffestiniog, possibly with a token controlled trap point protecting the Conway Valley line, the BF&TR has alternative plans for a Blaenau terminus.


Spooners closed from 9/1/17

Spooners Cafe/Bar is closed for professional refurbishment and is likely to be completed within 4 weeks.


Caernarfon Station progress 10/1/17

This southerly view (10/1/17) shows excavation of the sewer at Caernarfon Station by James Cyf. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Andy Valentine and was taken on an Asus mobile 'phone digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


This southerly view (10/1/17) shows excavation of the sewer at Caernarfon Station. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright Andy Valentine and was taken on an Asus mobile 'phone digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


T&BFR TrainSim

For those who, like your webmaster, have not travelled on the Blaenau Ffestiniog to Trawsfynydd railway in the past, Peter Proctor has designed a good TrainSim showing a view from the cab of a DMU on the route with a TrainMaps insert that shows progress of the train across the map of the route.



Dan Snow on Channel 4 10/1/17

If you missed the previous showing, Dan Snow's documentary on Lloyd George, featuring Boston Lodge, watch Channel 4 on 10/1/17 from 21:00 to 22:00.


Cob Relaying 6/1/17

This westerly view (6/1/17) shows removal of track on The Cob as part of the WMWP. Work was not stopped by heavy rain. The work begins at the station's king point and works east towards Boston Lodge. Click on the image to enlarge. This image is copyright F&WHR and was taken on a digital camera. Image post processed and displayed at 96dpi.


Dinas works update

It was 152 years ago on 5th January that the FR officially opened for passenger services. Pullman Observation Car No.152 is taking shape in the workshops at Dinas and will be moved to Boston Lodge Coach Works for completion in the Spring. It's sister Observation Car, No.150, was completed two years ago to mark the 150th anniversary. Perhaps No.152's planned appearance in the 152nd anniversary year is the reason it is not numbered next in the numerical series as No.151.


BF&TR Soc news

The Blaenau Ffestiniog and Trawsfynydd Railway Society has a new website. There is also a YouTube of recent progress just beyond Blaenau Ffestiniog station on the closed section to Trawsfynydd showing three months of progress, published 4/1/17.


Bow Street station funding

The Welsh Assembly has applied for £6.8m to provide 3/4 of the funding for a new Bow Street station on the Cambrian coast route between Borth and Aberystwyth. TRAWS hopes this scheme, said to provide economic regeneration of the area, presages a favourable view of the TRAWS Caernarfon-Carmarthen reopening. See BBC story.


Start of works on Caernarfon station 5/1/17

Andy Valentine reports: I noticed on 5/1/17 at 10:30 that James Cyf and Cyngor Gwynedd (Gwynedd Council-Ed) workers/vehicles were in attendance to open up the Caernarfon Station site, presumably to commence the sewer works.


BFI FR Deviation video

Click on the British Film Institute video link to watch 30 minutes of the early history of the FR's Deviation featuring the Rhoslyn spiral and the opening of Dduallt station. If you watch films of this era carefully you might see your web-editor's teenage self working in the spiral cuttings from 1968.


Volunteer Information update

Paul Lewin (Director and GM F&WHR) advises: There is a so much going on and so many projects in hand that the Ffestiniog Railway Society has arranged a meeting to which all F&WHR volunteers and employees are invited to come along and get a full update. Managers and project leaders will be on hand to give briefings and to answer your questions. There is no charge for attendance. Lunch, tea and coffee will be provided. This year, the location is Grappenhall Village Hall, which we have chosen because it is easily accessed from the rest of the UK by road and rail. We look forward to welcoming as many of the team as possible. Please book by using the registration form below by email to jfenner@ffwhr.com. If there are any specific questions you would like the company to address, please send them to John Fenner at the same address as soon as possible.

Venue: Grappenhall Community Centre, Bellhouse Lane, Grappenhall, WARRINGTON, Cheshire WA4 2SG.

Registration will close on Monday 16/1/17.

To register, follow the link on the FRS website.


Welsh Pony update 4/1/17

Click on the YouTube link above to watch 18 mins 6 seconds of video featuring progress with the rebuild of Welsh Pony published 4/11/17. This video was taken on a professional Betamax camcorder by John Wooden (F&WHR). It is best watched at 1080p HD mode available on e.g. Chrome.


Cambrian Coast 150

Chris Magner reports: I hope everything possible will be done to commemorate the 150th of the amazing Cambrian Coast Railway on 10/10/17 (1867 to 2017). There were no JCBs for Thomas Savin and his men in 1867. So pleasing that in a recent survey the Coast Line has been voted in the top ten railway journeys of the World. I urge everyone to do all they can to ensure the two Class 37/6 locos of West Coast Railway work excursion trains to Pwllheli (There are currently no Cambrian excursions planned for 2017 and neither were there any in 2016 following problems guaranteeing the availability of drivers for the NR 97/3s-Ed). Remember in BR days there were on selected Sundays in the 1970s up to four loco hauled trains on the Coast Line. I know as Max Boyce said 'I was there'. Come back now the 'Cambrian Coast Line Action Group'. It was a big mistake when they folded.


Happy New Year!

Your webmaster would like to wish all readers a happy and successful New Year. There will be changes to the website with larger pictures and the webpage will be archived monthly rather than fortnightly.


Coach stock news

Martin Kressman reports: HR Pullman carriage 'Bodysgallen' was returned to Dinas on 13/12/16 from Boston Lodge having had its Romanian bogies replaced with the now standard roller bearing equipped bogies.


Events 2017

1/1/17 Final Mince Pie Special 1015/1330 return from Dinas to Beddgelert
19-22/1/17 Hugh Napier at the Caravan and Motorhome Show, Event City, Manchester
18-25/2/17 Start of WHR 2016 Green Timetable Dinas-Beddgelert (2 trains a day)
1/3-23/3/17 Orange Timetable MTFX Porthmadog to Hafod-y-llyn
25/3-30/3/17 Start of WHR 2017 Season Yellow Easter Timetable (5 days only) MFX
8/4/17 The Snowdonian
28/4-1/5/17 FR Quirks and Curiosities event (may include some WHR events)
13/5/17 Caernarfon Food Festival (Extra services)
19-21/5/17 Rail-Ale 13th Annual Beer Festival based at Dinas
10/6/17 The Snowdonian Limited - a limited re-run of The Snowdonian
15-17/9/17 SuperPower (WHR AGM 16/9/17)
6-8/10/17 FR Victorian Weekend (may include some WHR events)
27/10/17 WHR Halloween Train
9-10/12/17 WHR Santa Specials
16-17/12/17 WHR Santa Specials
21-22/12/17 WHR Santa Specials
27/12/17-1/1/18 WHR Mince Pie Specials (to be confirmed)


Mainline news

There will be a series of railtours both to and from North Wales in 2017 and it seems that Penmaenmawr Quarries are to start delivering stone by rail again, while de-fuelling and removing contaminated material from Wylfa Nuclear Power Station will continue for another year at least. In recent years steam on the North Wales Coast/Blaenau Ffestiniog has declined and steam on the Cambrian disappeared due to NR reneging on its promise to provide a mobile ERTMS unit.

1/3/17 'Cathedrals' Express' Euston-Holyhead (steam) Steam Dreams

15/3/17 'The Edinburgh Express' Bangor-Edinburgh (diesel) WCR

29/4/17 'North Wales Extravaganza' Norwich-Holyhead (diesel) NENTA

1/5/17 'The Victorian Day Pullman' Skegness-Llandudno (diesel) WCR

3/5/17 'Royal Windsor Express' Holyhead-Windsor (diesel) WCR

23/7/17 'North Wales Coast Express' Liverpool to Holyhead (steam) RYTC

25/7/17 'Welsh Mountaineer' Preston-Blaenau Ffestiniog (steam) RYTC

30/9/17 'Conway Valley Explorer II' Cleethorpes-Betws-y-coed (diesel) WCR

11/10/17 'The Jorvik/Scarborough Spa III' Bangor-Scarborough (diesel) WCR


Trackwork Volunteering 2017

Keeping the permanent way, in particular, and the infrastructure in general, fit for trains to run is an essential task. Volunteers have a lot to offer by assisting with this. We have a mix of weekend and weekday working parties. The Black Hand, Tuesday Gang and Rest of the World Gangs will be very glad to accept your help. Contact the relevant organiser to let him know when you plan to join us. Please do not just turn up as that makes it difficult for us to plan ahead.

The programme for 2017 is as follows:

2017 dates

January 7-8/1/17 14-20/1/17WW 21-22/1/17    
February 4-5/2/17 11-17/2/17WW 18-19/2/17    
March 4-5/3/17 11-17/3/17WW 18-19/3/17    
April 1-2/4/17 8-9/4/17LW# 15-16/4/17^    
May   13-14/5/17 6-12/5/17WW 27-28/5/17^  
June   10-11/6/17 17-18/6/17LW# 24-25/6/17  
July   8-9/7/17 15-21/7/17WW 22-23/7/17  
August   5-6/8/17 12-13/8/17LW# 1920/8/17  
September 2-3/9/17 9-15/9/17WW 16-17/9/17   30/9/17-
October -1/10/17   14-15/10/17 21-22/10/17LW# 28-29/10/17
November 4-10/11/17WW# 11-12/11/17   25-26/11/17  
December 2-8/12/17WW# 9-10/12/17      

^ Bank Holiday weekend

LW-Long weekend Friday-Monday

WW-Working week Saturday-Friday

# For dates for April, June, August and October are subject to confirmation-contact Paul Bradshaw if you are interested. Dates for November and December 2016 are provisional pending preparation of the Winter Major Works Programme.

The Tuesday Gang expects to be operating pretty well every Tuesday.

Arrangements may change so contact the working party organiser before you commit yourself to joining us just to make sure.


If you intend to join one of the weekend or Tuesday gangs, please contact the appropriate organiser. If you are interested in weekday working or have any queries about track work volunteering, please contact Paul Bradshaw.

Tuesday Gang:

Contact Tony Baker for details. Phone: 01492 874579 Email: SPUDDY43@aol.com

North Wales Black Hand Gang (BHG):Dafydd Thomas Phone: 01248 681019 Email: dthomas@ffwhr.com

Rest of The World Gang (ROWG):Paul Bradshaw Phone: 01766 770034 Email: pbradshaw@ffwhr.com

If you intend to join one of the weekend or Tuesday Gang days, please contact the appropriate organiser. If you are interested in weekday working or have any queries about track work volunteering, please contact Paul Bradshaw. See Contacts page.


Gradient graph

John Hopkins has contributed this image of the gradient profile of the WHR. It makes clear how much of a mountain we have climbed and how steep the drop through Beddgelert is. Maybe most of all, it reveals the challenge facing northbound trains after they stop at Beddgelert!


Gradient profile.JPG (319064 bytes)

This image is courtesy/copyright John Hopkins and is derived from data courtesy John Sreeves with additional work by Michael Bentley. Click on the image to enlarge.


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Click here for Steve Harris' /WHRS' full list of Historical Maps and Gradient Profiles

DVD material can be purchased from Jon Marsh who is the WHRS' (DVD Only) Mail Order officer. All other materials are now sold in the F&WHRS shop.

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